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Mission statement

ICD - working to improve public health through practical partnership projects aimed at meeting food safety and nutrition goals worldwide.


Food SafetyICD's activities are currently focused on improving food safety, water quality and nutrition in developing countries by providing technical expertise for training programmes together with some logistical and financial support. Priority is given to projects meeting the objectives of the 1992 International Conference on Nutrition. Funded by companies in the food and allied industries, ICD seeks to maximise returns on its modest budget by working in partnership with UN Agencies and national governments.

Project evaluation criteria

In deciding whether or not to undertake a particular project the ICD Board takes into account :

  • Title of project
  • Objectives
  • Strategy
  • Audience or recipient
  • Outputs - e.g. training materials; number and location of courses
  • Milestones - these should be quantifiable and time limited
  • Possible spin off or secondary projects
  • Partners - e.g. UN Agencies, Governments, NGOs
  • Cost - total and by year
  • Financial support - ICD / UN Agencies / Others
  • Non-financial support - ICD / UN Agencies / Others
  • Project officer - Name and number of person weeks/year

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