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Risl Analysis title

ICD is working with FAO to develop skill building materials on aspects of risk analysis related to food. It is anticipated that, in addition to a manual; workbooks, case studies, videos for distance learning and a data bank will be developed.

ICD is working with FAO and WHO to develop a training course on microbiological risk assessment. It is intended that this course will be compatible with the training courses "Food Safety for Nutritionists and Other Health Professionals" and "HACCP - Principles and Practice". The course will include the following lectures :

  • Microbiological Hazards and Public Health Risks: Food Safety Strategy
  • Microbiological Risk Assessment: Basic Principles and Use
  • Basic Knowledge on Pathogens in Relation to Microbiological Risk Assessment
  • Microbiological Risk Assessment: General Methodology
  • Microbiological Risk Assessment: Data Collection
  • Governmental Microbiological Risk Assessment: Foods in International Trade
  • Microbiological Risk Management: Codex Principles, Food Safety Objectives
  • Microbiological Risk Assessment and HACCP: Differences and Similarities

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